Solar Assisted Recirculating Loop


In this arrangement, VM manifolds are simply added to the "top" of the Recirculation hot water loop just prior to the return leg of the loop. The solar contribution goes directly to keeping the auxiliary energy source "off" at the tank.


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The simplicity of the VM Assisted Recirculation Loop system and its low installation costs makes the deployment of solar energy in the following applications attractive:

  • Commercial Water Heating

  • Integration into the Ground Source Heat Pump Loops

  • Snow Melt and Deicing Loops

  • Desiccant Systems

Since this system is modular, it can be easily enlarged and it can be repeated on any application that has a Recirculation hot water loop as part of an incremental capital improvement program. There is no requirement for additional controls, expensive thermal storage, or heat exchanger equipment.



  • The PV panel establishes that heat is available from the collector, and turns on the solar loop circulator.
  • Heat from the collector is transferred to the heating loop when available.
  • The (added) solar circulator guides water through the Collector Manifolds.
  • When no more heat is available from the collector, the PV panel will not have enough power to run pump any more. The solar loop circulator stops running.
  • Solar energy is transferred to the existing water heating loop via the return line from the collector loop.

Commercial and Industrial Design Considerations

  • This system can be expanded to include any number of tubes.
  • No more than 100 tubes should be plumbed in series. Care must be taken when designing the pipe work between the collectors that each section receives equal flow.


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